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Top man but I managed to pass first time with educated guessing, wished I’d seen this sooner haha. What a pain in the ass.
on  [movies]
How High (2001, Full Movie)
The start of any good friendship haha + 2 more
FOR 22 pounds for a 200 pound transaction. That’s where I draw a line with this. Love this site and the vendors but there really should be an alterna… + 4 more
on  Bouncer
Who has the best shake at the moment
Riley Packs Just Weed Strainsburys All have the best quality out of the retailers I’ve tried. SKUDA has some great bud/shake bars that are fantasti… + 4 more
on  Scully69
Monzo bank
Seconded, I have and use Monzo for deposits, never had an issue direct transferring or with card. I only need to approve it in app, that’s all. If you…
🔥Jungle Boys Flower Now @Eddys🔥
Heard good things about this strain. Looking forward to seeing for myself. Nice price too, it made me take the plunge to try even if I I am skint haha…
on  [music]
Any metalheads on here?
I go a lot of gigs and download/bloodstock festival. Some of the best music to have a smoke to. + 2 more
Pretty much this. Haven’t tried real d but a lot of hype there, but the other 3 I can personally vouch for. Especially Riley and BB. Two of the best s…