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"A day wasted is never a wasted day"
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Buying Bitcoins
Do I need to send to a wallet with Revolut? I've just opened an acc just to buy btc 🙃. Can I send straight to vendor?
long term effects you've experienced from cannabis?
Yep I've deffo got the weight gain going on. Currently "trying" to diet 🙃 now wheres them choccy bickies 🤣 + 2 more
on  [music]
Favourite 2 all time full album’s you listened to over and over again
Prodigy - Music For Jilted Generation Leftfield - Leftism Could list plenty but these 2 are special 😎🥳🤯👽 + 5 more
best ways to partake broke?
Bought some nice hash last week so for old times sake.... 🤣 + 5 more