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by  decsman
RM been taking the mickey
A new tactic of Royal Mail is to keep your package and give you a card saying the sender did not pay the postage - you then have to pay another £2.50 to get it - I have had this a few times now in the last few months - everything I go and pick up the package it has a stamp on it and everything - they just thieving extra to pay for the pay rises they recently gave I think
It happens due to couple of reasons..

Worst case to best case:
-Fake Stamp

-Overweight/OverSize package
(different stamps different weight/size limits)

-Under paid postage (didn’t use enough or correct stamp.. for example using 1st class normal stamp on a large letter)

-No Stamp/Damaged Stamp

All info about sizes and weights for stamps etc online easy to find..

99/100 times the vendors fault in my opinion
That's not an RM tactic mate vendor scrimping on stamps
Agreed, can't imagine RM doing this
Stamps are all well and good but they hold value to a certain weight/size then you need more, as the classification of letters and parcels changes. That's just from experience with legit post
Could well be - the last 2 i've had to pick up have had stamps on them - the new ones with the coding on them - suppose someone is making and selling fake ones somewhere and they are scanning as fake - just a dog having to pay another £2.50. Generally royal mail are pretty good overall only ever had 1 item not actually turn up - just half an envelope in a, 'we're sorry your post was damaged plastic bag.'
Yeah mate on the whole this is not their problem. Personally don't like stamps on my packs I know its opsec for some but I've had very professional looking 1st class land consistently, postage paid by sender in most cases
Are the parcels all from the same vendor?

It's possible the postage has been paid for, but it's not the correct postage for the parcel. It could be overweight or different size to what was paid for
Green Avenger Weed
The vendor must take responsibility for any occurrences of an overweight or oversized package, as well as variations in weight and size limits due to different postage options. Additionally, the vendor acknowledges any instances of underpaid postage, including situations where insufficient or incorrect stamps are used, such as using a regular first-class stamp on a large letter.
by  Imyray
Not received my order
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Good luck guys that gelatti looks amazing.
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