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Vendor specialising in hash products. We will be supplying the best commercial plates directly from the Ketama mountains in Morocco and also from Mendocino in California along with the highest grade of filtered, dry, and static techniques directly from the North of Spain.

We ship twice a week, on a Tuesday and on a Friday. Cut off is 23:59 CET Monday and 23:59 CET on Thursday. All packages are sent with tracking, we will hold onto tracking, if you are a loyal customer, we will gladly hand over the tracking. Trust is earned not given.

We offer 50% reships on lost products with new customers, but with loyal customers we will be obliged to reship the full amount in most scenarios.

Any questions please do not hesitate to drop us a message and we will answer as soon as possible.
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Vapes carts from Kilo Extracts.
High potency cannabis oil 90% THC. Free of pesticides and solvents.
1.0 gr.
10 different strains: Gelatto 33, Do-Si-Do, Birthday Cake, Grape Head, Sunset Sherbet, Lemon Tree, Sunday Driver, Mimosa, Pine-apple Pez and Watermelon Skittlez.
Also pens available to be shipped with them.
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Crossed between Cherry AK-47 x Purple Punch.
Cherry flavor profile that comes from dense citrus terpenes. Smells fruity.
Is uplifting and relaxing, perfect for jamming out.
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My special one. The queen on my list. Potent hybrid from the Cookies family. A taste that is felt throughout the mouth and nose. Ideal companion for chill nights.
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Knowing this is an East-Asian Ice-o-lator hash means that you are gonna be in for something unique. It is thin pressed, rock hard on the outside, yet quite powdery soft once you get it slightly warm and broken up with your fingernail. The outer skin is just barely darker than the interior, which is more "fudgy".

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High levels of THC that goes around 27 - 30 that make it a good strain for experienced consumers. Believed to be made through a special cross of Wedding Cake. Has a tropical flavor with sweet notes of pear and berrys. Perfect bud for treating experienced patients suffering from conditions such as insomnia, depression, chronic stress, nausea of appetite loss. That’s why it will go in a lower price compared to the other stuff in my shelf.
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Gelato 41 Static Tek filtered hash. Really fresh and oozing with terpenes. If you're into high quality hash, this is your keeper for the head stash. Fresh Frozen.
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10/10 Kilo carts
reviewed 1 day ago   took 13 days to arrive
10/10 Filtered Hash Eggs
reviewed 6 days ago   took 8 days to arrive
10/10 Kilo carts
reviewed 8 days ago   took 8 days to arrive
10/10 Cherry Punch Indoor
reviewed 8 days ago   took 14 days to arrive
10/10 Kilo carts
reviewed 9 days ago   took 5 days to arrive edited 29 may 23
9/10 Cherry Punch Indoor
reviewed 9 days ago   took 8 days to arrive
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THC liquid?
I do have Liquid Live. Sell it by liter usually. Also carts so you have this product inside and you can vape it.
Hash recommendations
I do have premium hash that I’m importing from Cali. You can choose between some dry or some bubble. I still have all 20%off for the week
on  minsterz
Where can I get UK/US Cali
Im doing shippings to UK. I have flowers and hash from California. Check my shelf!
Any decent carts?
Hey im importing Kilo cartridges. Extract from California, they are made in Spain. 4 different strains. This is Gelatto 33 but I do also have other 3 …
Carts and disposables
I am selling Kilo carts. The oil is imported from Cali, we ship from Spain.
Any one ship from America or Canada
Hey I do shippings from America and also I do from Spain. Indoor and outdoor flowers, bubblehash, edibles, carts, extracts. Full shelf. Just ask.
on  Freshman
I have a bubblehash from Sour Diesel. Amazing.
Sour diesel
I do have bubblehash done from sour diesel
Any one doing Hash samplers?
I am
Win some u lose some
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Leon Edwards UFC Champ
Leon hopefully retains the belt and goes on to be champion for a long time
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