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Eddys 420 competition
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{buy help}
Am I being lied to?
Don’t agree with the vendor lying about missing the cutoff, equally depending on the vendor you might have been able to hash things out, have it poste… + 2 more
Anyone selling any Bubba Kush, Durban Poison, Grandaddy Purple?
GVC has a 100% live resin grandaddy purple cart here
Best Edibles
Elevated Eats - has some great bang for your buck strength wise and variety - GVC - cheeba chews are some of the…
Puff, Puff, Pass It On: The Vape Pen Giveaway that'll Leave You in Clouds of Laughter!!
Not trying to cause beef here for the people who seem interested, but I could’ve sworn there was a comment on this topic yesterday saying they were re…
THC Vape testing
Dr terpy if you want just distillate or sensi mart if you want 50/50 distillate and live resin carts. Both are good but gotta say the 50/50 carts have…
Back in stock, more strains / flavours available!
Got no choice but to get 1 of each from those descriptions alone 🤣. Thanks for the heads up on them + 2 more
Long term break
I’d happily get one for what they were but that 1 infront is off putting like you say🤣 found the lsd strain on leafy but can’t find anything about th… + 3 more
Another giveaway! To enter comment on this post
Thanks dr 😄