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What’s the usual process for sorting refunds?

Been asked by the vendor to send a wallet address, so they can send me a refund but is this a legit way?

Seen people on other posts go through messaging transaxe support etc but no mention of it with this vendor

Appreciate anyones help 👍
Always via transaxe UNLESS it’s passed the 14 day or whatever escrow time the vendor has (its between 14/ 16 days for most vendors) and 7 days when you click on a referral link

So if it’s passed escrow then they will need to send to your wallet directly


Appreciate that mate. Makes things a bit clearer

Ordered on 30th so it’s been just over a week and didn’t go through a referral link.

Next step to message the vendor explaining this or shall I just go straight to transaxe support with my order id and wallet address explaining the situation?
-It is legit for a vendor to refund you directly without any involvement from transaxe and it means you get it quick. Some experienced vendors do this for good customer service and dispute avoidance.

- Since transaxe has your coin, other vendors will ask transaxe to return it to you, and in this instance you will need to wait for transaxe to ask you for a wallet address. If this hasn’t happened in a couple of days you should contact them to ensure the request has been made.

- In any event don’t let the dispute window (shown at the top of the order page) expire. If the refund doesn’t happen then dispute. Transaxe prefers this anyway as auto-settlement Borg takes care of it.

If the vendor has offered a direct refund then I disagree with PRIME that you contact transaxe anyway- that will just confuse matters, Give the vendor chance to refund- it should be done in a day.
Ah ok, I’d already messaged the vendor to go through transaxe support before seeing your reply Polly but thanks for clearing that up.

I’ll know if anything like this happens again. Appreciate it 👍 still bit of a newb and didn’t wanna fuck anything up🤣
Just do both.

It’s quite possible the vendor is experienced and issues without problems.

But to cover your self properly regardless go through transaxe with the details including order id and wallet.

Hope all works out fine and more than sure it will. LB community, vendors and borgs are all real good.


by  Lm1905
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