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Return of the Jedi
And that's all folks!
How do you roll?
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CAN YOU REMEMBER!-Your first buy from LB? And was it a good experience?
my first buy was malana cream from DIUK I was shocked a product I've barely seen around was available that easily. The week waiting for it to arrive… + 2 more
Hash lovers
That 3x pink panties is probably the best hash I've ever smoked, it's between that and THC's Banana Triple
Mac N Jack Rosin - Feedback
started topic + 5 more
Budweiser Giveaway
those are some amazing looking nugs, wow
on  HughPhug
Shout out your most trusted vendors
Gassed - always quality and never failed to post on time SOTL - What others have said Gentlemen Dealers Psychonauts - really care about their custo…
on  DrBurke
Interesting vid from Russell Brand
This aged well
Apple Tartz SugarWax - Review
started topic
lex freidman probes scientology theory
He's like a right wing ChatGPT, no personality or originality, just repeats the same bushit as Rogan, Musk, Jones, Brand ect but in a suit. I'd rather…
Are there any cannabis cafes in London ?
Amsterdam is full of shit overpriced weed too, plus tourist tax. Dam is shit and has been for ages.
Suggested Strain Names
Arnie Haze - super strong but you later realise its full of synthetics Corbyn Cough - Great medical benefits and solid all round but the smell and lo…
A big change to our shipping days/times for the next couple of weeks/months!
Big love CI, you are doing the right thing. ❤️