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Apple Fritter Cali Static
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Favourite coffeeshop in Dam
Coffeeshop Solo, Dampkring and Katsu. + 2 more
Best weed strain you’ve ever smoked?
I’d have to say Cheese, between 2000/2005.
Are there any cannabis cafes in London ?
I’ve been to quite a few in London over the years. It’s been a while since my last one though. Prices are always gonna be a little more because of the…
CAN YOU REMEMBER!-Your first buy from LB? And was it a good experience?
My first order was from Dr Green Thumb, 10g of Sunset Sherbet back in March this year. It was a great experience as I found it very difficult in the p… + 3 more
Who’s that Pokémon?
Sandshrew? 😂
Space monkey meds
OG Kush Breath X Joseph OG
Mega Giveaway
$27,420 💚