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Alternative to littlebiggy
Fraud suspected?
Ndd with tracking?
Lemon cherry nerds 😆 🤣
Best budget shake?
Fruity weed?
Old school cheese
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Lies on top of other lies. Yes I ordered from you, yes a week later it came out (after I kept as asking you where my package was as you marked it at s… + 3 more
Help finding vendor
Not really that weird brother he's just trying to help the community as a whole to find vendors quicker and easier granted some people weren't on the … + 2 more
Back online🙏🏼💚
Good to have you back brother ✌️ ☮️
New UK Vendor
Please do brother would be amazing for everyone 🙏 💙
Mango kush 🥭
Who bought it then?
on  {bitcoin}
Why Did Someone just send $1 million to Satoshi Nakamoto's Genesis wallet?
Apparently it's something to do with tax.they sent that amount because now they have to legally declare the amount to the tax man. ie trying to get hi…
on  Billybob1
Purchase costs
We need a new payment system on here ASAP I heard solana was the preferred choice.heres hoping they do it sometime soon as the fees are crazy now.
on  {gaming}
What game are you currently playing?
Currently playing starfield and forza defo my go to games for the next wee while