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Sourcing the best flavours available from UK growers, through to imports.

Chase The Terp are all about finding the strongest, cleanest and best tasting herbs.

Message for questions.

Orders placed by 14.00PM will arrive next day.

Just read our reviews and you'll know you're in for a treat.
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16 reviews
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Apex smoke and vape report - Wagyu
UK Fire Drop
Raffle? Would it work
TEN CO vs. Exclusive UKs
A question for all y’all

Would you be more interested in TEN CO Domino Runtz, very exclusive (£90 3.5) or high grade UKs (£55 3.5) like RS11, Alaskan Thunderfuck, Creamsicle, Sour Gas Cake, etc??? 🙈

New treats drop Friday!
I'd go high grade UK all day mate, I can't justify spending Cali money on my budget 🤑🤣
Haha not with how expensive everything else is in this country lol.

Ok, the current votes sway towards high grade UKs… who else 👀
High grade uk 🇬🇧
Thanks for the feedback!
High grade Uk! The topshelf Calis are just to expensive n I like to think we do a pretty good job over here 😉
We certainly do when we do it right!

I’ll aim for a few new flavours for all of you to enjoy by Friday 👌✌️
Exclusive UK
British Bulldog
I'm all about the Cali. 😉

Cheers BB 😊👍🍻💚
Haha primo UK all day long
Ahh 1 votes so far then for the Cali’s I’ll see what I can do ;)
LANDED: 2x new UKs on the menu both solid value for money when you break it down to a 3.5. Orange Sherbert stinky, oily and got that Sherbert terp. All the same can be said about the Ice Cream cake.

Those of you wanting the REAL exclusive bits just stay tuned till later tonight. OZK and Lemon Cherry Gelato landing. The lemon cherry gelato by Nines (UK rapper) in Official Grind Daily packs
If you can source Cali sativas I will buy that all day as long as it's not orange/Mimosa terps over any UK, but otherwise it's all UK for me as there's not much Cali that's worth it, too many hybrids and straight indicas, I need a good haze/sativa otherwise I'm dead all day
Cali does often have a higher quality but not proportional to the price. It can be three times the cost of some high quality UK but it won’t get you three times as stoned.
Cali's Landed Biggas!!
I love some decent Cali, and it's in my budget, but definitely not all the time and I'd be thinking more than twice before spending £90/3.5. Had some lovely Cali off here last week for $130/7 and that was some of the finest stuff I've smoked. Especially when packs are involved, you're surely paying a premium for marketing?
Love a bit of cali but really hard to justify the cost so, while i'm into both, I would personally buy uk more often.
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New to growing auto Flower
Mix honey in with the water around 100ml per 1000ml /1L of water. Make sure its organic, unrefined honey + 3 more
For sure, terps still there just not in the same volumes as you would get of a photoperiod (7 times out of 10) Love a well done photoperiod, nice da… + 2 more
cheap bud looking for z
A few promo offer running on our page at the moment. Cheaper bits through to some cake import runts for just 200 a zip or fruity pebbles for 160
Payment Processing Times
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