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No items available???
Exotics with accompanying packs
Been looking for nice exotics with accompanying packs for my collection, any suggestions?
The Gentleman Dealers as others have said. Mine dropped today, yet to try them but they smell brilliant and verifiably authentic.

They've got so much on their page you might end up broke.
Let me know on what yours is like please 🙏 and drop recommendations
Sounds like something The Gentlemen Dealers could sort you out with mate.
Been looking there mate, just trying to see if there is any lesser known
TGD mate.

Best selection and the pack I got melted my face off!

However I got an “imported loose” one as well and preferred the terps. Was cheese skittles I think but not around anymore.

Personally, while TGDs buds were SUPREME. I for one can’t keep paying these prices for Henry’s.

Don’t get me wrong I could in theory BUT, if everyone keeps spending more and more on these buds then it continues to go up and people either get priced out of meds or it will be acceptable that shit bud is shit cos we’re not paying x amount.

The demand and promotion (YouTubers etc) of these, sometimes $1000 ounces is insane.

But hey the plant that grows in roughly the same predictable cycle is somehow becoming rare like it’s from mars.

Don’t get me wrong I get some mad artisans crossing their own seeds but it’s rarely the case.

I say this having smoked and grown (way back) many keys in my life.

Don’t read this as a bash at TGD as they be the ones I’ll always trust and point others towards for these packs ❤️
Not really sure. Haven't seen many others lately, but Dabs + Donuts have one near the top of the item wall and that seems to be selling well based on the reductions of multiples you can buy.
Thank you for the mention buddy!

We have some new flower also that are lower priced at the moment. The prices will rise soon, we have more Avant123 due mid-week.

What kind of brands do you look for? We’re always looking for new ones.
No problem. Looks good, seems to be selling well, $20k camera for that photo too... 😉

To be honest mate, I'm up to my eyeballs at the moment but I think there was a bit of a misunderstanding between the both of us about what were genuine queries and banter from me lately, and I apologise if it came across to you in a way for it to be negatively interpreted.

Anyway, that out of the way, I like to get so unbelievably stoned to the point of barely being able to move as possible, trippy with that is a bonus, but incredibly rare. Nice little head high in with that strong stone too is nice. Sometimes I like the hybrid battle between stone and high (who will win this time?!), sometimes not. I'll often wake and bake with the most ridiculous thing I can find as when I'm off work I often need at least a day to reset back into a normal schedule and I find that it helps to start the day as fucked up as possible. I rarely feel the need for a clear Sativa head high with limited stone effects, but I can see why people could like that.

Got anything that fits that? As to brands, I'm not really sure to be honest.
It must be a dream job photographing all these crazy looking buds. We have someone called Terpshotz in Europe he’s recently done some King Kong finger donut shots recently that look a bit like dribbling seamoss wrapped in lavender the buds so purple.😩😂

We’ve never had much banger it’s rather been other vendors attacking or calling our products fake so we’re not used to it, we were suppose to send you a message but we had issues getting onto the site for a few days. We all love getting stoned and having a giggle, that’s all that matters.

At the moment we could definitely accommodate your weekend stash as the wowdatzfire is pretty strong, would be killer as a wake n bake… We’re looking at getting some extra packs in this week we can let you know😁
It must be an awful job just lining up the shot wanting to smoke while other people messed up the light, or moved, or breathed. Then you'd want to smoke it and they'd take it away (probably)!

Okay, you sold me at dribbling sea moss wrapped in lavender. I'll give that a go, no matter what the flavour profile. Is there a specific type of sea moss? The one that you invariably don't want to step on on the rocks around rock pools as you think it'll be better grip but it isn't?

It's all cool mate, I appreciate that text is very subjective, and can be read differently depending on the person writing and the person reading. I'm 99.9% humourous sarcasm, if that helps, but interactions help knowing how to read things too. I try not to be mean, but I'd hope people knew when I was too. Unambiguously, anyway.
Who broke your LB virginity
3 vendors that I have used so far
Dab rigs? Suggestions
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Who has the best shake at the moment
Pistach imo 🤯
Competition time @Eddys 3 lucky Eddyble $50 selection boxes to be won.
Has to be brownies🤩🤩