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'Nature loves courage. You make the commitment and nature will respond to that commitment by removing impossible obstacles. Dream the impossible dream and the world will not grind you under, it will lift you up.'
Terrence Mckenna
If you're here you know the score.
Mushrooms can help all manner of life's ailments but must be respected.
All mushrooms sold here are sold with the hope that you will focus on the importance of mindset and setting.
Buy a hammock, be safe and surrender.
My mushrooms are all homegrown,
Indoors and dried, soon as they are picked. Each batch sells out about as quickly as it grows so mushrooms arrive at you no longer than a month from picking.
All messages answered, always happy to help. Mush love.
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All the bang of regular Albino penis envy but with the added benefit of dropping spores (very important in this game)
You won’t find these in the world, they are a shining example of man’s ability to mess with nature and play god. Sometimes we get it right!
These are considered some of the most potent mushrooms out there. As such they are not for beginners. These have the ability to overwhelm if taken in the wrong set and settings be safe, go deep, be free.
These also make a sensational addition to your microdose game. See my listing below. I find the deep euphoric high from APES always makes me want to head to the woods to connect with nature.
3.5 G ALBINO P ENVY (revert) powder $35.00 BTC0.00088515
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🚨Brand new version 2.0.🚨
Feedback taken on board. Strength doubled. These had been re infused and turbo charged for the same great price.
What do you do if you want a good, high quality THC vape that you can guarantee contains only the best ingredients? Well, if you’re me you make them. Please be realistic about expectations.
Made with a slow steeped PG/VG mixture of White Runtz, Guava chemdog and….nothing else. No artificial flavour and no nasties.
These are a slow building high with an initially neutral taste that slowly develops into a deep weedy flavour.
This is a homemade product I can stand by. It may not leave the fancy packaging of some vapes but it’s stealthy, looks good and hits nicely.

They come charged and are rechargeable via micro USB (cable not included)
1 Each Black stealth Vape $35.00 BTC0.00088515
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Microdoses are helping people the world over with issues from anxiety and depression to artistic focus but then you know all this or you wouldn’t be searching for them!
Our capsules are made from homegrown Golden teachers and an epic blend of Changa, Turkey tail, cordyceps and lions mane .2g golden teacher in every cap.
10 .2g $26.00 BTC0.00065754
20 .2g $43.00 BTC0.00108747
30 .2g $60.00 BTC0.0015174
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These bite sized Santa chocs have .5g of Mckenaii magic mushroom and are made with RSO infused THC coconut oil.
Perfect as a punchy microdose on a day off to aid with creativity or self reflection the little dash of RSO adds a deep body high and allows the mind to roam free.
These are also amazing to mix into warm milk to make a proper chilled out evening hot chocolate. Ideally drunk next to an open fire with a dog at your feet and somebody to love but also alright to neck on a nightbus, you do you.
These are made to order so
If you fancy white chocolate or a change of mushroom strain just message me, always happy to oblige
1 Each Magic Milk chocolate $7.00 BTC0.00017703
5 Each Magic milk choc $30.00 BTC0.0007587
10 Each Magic milk choc $55.00 BTC0.00139095
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All homegrown and dried as picked these mushrooms are named after the legendary Terrance McKenna, mushroom pioneer.
Terence was an ethnobotanist and advocated for the intelligent use of psychedelics in order to become better people. Given that there’s currently a lot of interest in using psychedelics to treat various mental conditions, it seems pretty clear that he had the right idea.
These are a potent strain guaranteed to give you deep body highs, visuals and insights.
Maybe it’s just good marketing, is it all in the name, but these are one of my go to mushrooms for a sensory deprivation session. Eye mask on, noise cancelling headphones and a couple of hours alone with infinity.
3.5 Grams Powdered $35.00 BTC0.00088515
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4g homegrown B+, picked, dried and made at source, in every bar.
These bars are Strong. Suggested dosage varies on experience.
Be positive is a really visual, relaxed and buzzy strain. Not the deep, introspective high of many mushroom. Great for a walk in the woods, an afternoon in a hammock or chilling with friends.
This is a homemade product, made to order. Storage suggestions are to instantly eat or store in the fridge for up to a week. Any longer and this will
keep perfectly in the freezer.
$40.00 BTC0.0010116
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Homegrown and dried at source.
These B+ are a strong buzzy strain that provokes bright visuals and a light, happy mood.
As ever, dosages vary but do your own research. Always happy with tips for trips, feel free to message.
1 3.5g Powdered B+ (be positive) $30.00 BTC0.0007587
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Homegrown and dehydrated as picked.
Pink buffalo are a traditional Thai cubensis variant.
On the potent side of cubensis with trip reports emphasising euphoria.
3.5 G Powdered $30.00 BTC0.0007587
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Home grown and dehydrated as picked.
One of the most popular shrooms in demand today.
Is this because its name so perfectly captures its nature? Light, golden caps and a deep introspective high.
A classic mushroom for hashing out what’s in your mind. Perfect for a solo deep dive.
3.5 Gram Powdered $35.00 BTC0.00088515
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In a never ending question to cure your bodies and minds I’ve managed to source some of the finest pure strain RSO around.
Rick Simpson is a marijuana pioneer who began dabbling with creating RSO in an effort to help cure his own cancer.
RSO is now claimed to help anything from depression to joint pain and even cancer itself.
Just .1ml is considered a starting dose but DYOR.
RSO causes a deep, relaxing body high and in smaller doses is perfect for anxiety. It can be taken orally or topically.
I recommend a morning tea with a drop of RSO to start the day right.
Always happy to answer any questions or offer any advice.
Current strains:
Amnesia haze
White widow
Girl Scout cookies
1 Ml Choice Of Strain $40.00 BTC0.0010116
3 Ml Choice Of Strain $100.00 BTC0.002529
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First up from my newest range of home bakes is 100ml of infused coconut oil ‘canna butter’.
Perfect for brownies, cookies, bulletproof coffee or even eating right off the spoon before a stressful meeting!
This is slow infused and double boiled so takes 24 hours to prepare.
Each 100ml pot contains 500mg premium THC extracted from White Runtz.
These bottles are perfect to replace butter & oil in shop bought brownie mix, no cheffery needed!
Solid at room temperature a quick whizz in the microwave will have these liquid and ready to go and they’re organic, vegan, gluten free, basically a step away from holiness.
1 100ml 500mg THC coconut oil $35.00 BTC0.00088515
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🚨New version🚨 extra strength. All profits from sales of bottled oil go to charities helping humanitarian efforts in Gaza.
Made with a slow steeped PG/VG mixture of White Runtz, Guava chemdog and….nothing else. No artificial flavour and no nasties.
These are a slow building high with an initially neutral taste that slowly develops into a deep weedy flavour.
This is a homemade product I can stand by.
Fill you own vape or have a look at my refill kits. Stay high, save the planet. 🌎❤️
1 10ml White Runtz vape oil $60.00 BTC0.0015174
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10/10 B+ Mushrooms
reviewed today took 1 day to arrive
10/10 White Runtz 1ml Vape
reviewed today took 3 days to arrive
10/10 Microdose Caps
reviewed today took 3 days to arrive
10/10 White Runtz 1ml Vape
reviewed 1 day ago   took 2 days to arrive
8/10 Mushroom Chocolate
reviewed 1 day ago   took 12 days to arrive
8/10 APE Revert Magic Mushroom
reviewed 1 day ago   took 12 days to arrive
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Black Friday
by  JimPanzee
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Super boosted vape oil
Last few days for free delivery
Bargain Vape alert
I’ve created my first batch of vape juice.
Read the full blurb on the listing but I’m dead proud of these.
Amazing feedback in the real world so I’m gonna sell a bunch of these for $10 and see what LB thinks.
Either until they sell out or I Ieave to post….grab a bargain and let me know what you think.
Me rocking up late again
Shroom Of The Loom
Not seen these before but they do look absolutely top mate, and a terrific idea. 💯

Can't wait to hear the feedback for these, always wondered how a PG/VG cannabis E liquid vapes compared to distillate or live resin.

Yo. LB royalty in the house.
Love your stuff dude. Would love to get one of these to you for feedback.
Message me if you have a suggestion and I’ll post one tomorrow. 🙏🏻
Shroom Of The Loom
Just in the process of getting a mate to take the parcel for me. Willing to donate £20 to a charity which accepts BTC (no bank card 😢) and can send you proof.

I'll drop you a message shortly. ;)

EDIT: Rocketdogronnie has said I am better off donating the money to the homeless or Salvation Army, so he has put the trust in me to do so. I'll be giving the money and a preroll to a homeless person instead ❤️🍁

Make sure you pick a proper local though not one of those gang-beggar mob 💀 used to give those fuckers money and food all the time until I was told what they were up to
Shroom Of The Loom
🤣🤣🤣 Will do.

I avoid the homeless in my city center as there tends to be some form of organised begging going on.

I'll make sure it goes to someone who is truly in need. 🙏

Where's the listing for it,only $35 vape listed?
If you promise to give a tenner to a homeless person/ charity I’ll send you one. Obviously no way of me checking this but message me your details and I’ll trust you pay it forward.
All gone guys. Gotta be like lightening here with vape promotions.
There is not alot of these things on the market so cheap ones get snapped up before you can say "high".
Spot the cocky guy who snuck in and got one ☝️
Enjoy bro 🙏🏻
True story brother 🤣
Hey all. These are now back to regular price.
I’ll see how feedback goes and will run another pay it forward Friday next week.
Keep your eyes peeled 🙏🏻
Hello mate, have these all gone now
Would be interested in buying. Cheers
All sold I’m afraid mate.
I’ll wait for the first wave or reviews and potentially look to do the same again next week.
Snooze ya lose! Cheers mate, all the best!
See my other comment.
If you promise to donate a tenner or give to a homeless person I’ll send you one. Message me your details. I trust you won’t lie…
Are these made from 100% live resin?
All bud/shake. White Runtz/ guava Chemdawg.
Slow steeped extraction in PG/VG. Nothing else at all added.
Should add the PG/VG to the description otherwise it’s a bit ambiguous right now with a “mixture and nothing else”.

I’m quite new to carts, how will these differ to Distillate/Live resin vapes?
Fair enough. Have updated. I assumed the vape liquid itself would be assumed but I’ve added to the listing.
This won’t be as strong as a live resin cart or at least will be slower hitting. The volume is higher than most though which make these more mellow and longer lasting.
My fear with a lot of distillate/dispensary carts is that they are made with spice and other artificial cannabinoids. The beauty of steeping bud is that you are able to slowly draw the THC out into the oil, no need for any other messing about and guaranteed no nasties. I think these are closer to the experience of smoking a joint than any other vape I’ve tried. I’ve listed these at $10 because I’d like the feedback of the community. Have a look and let me know 🫶🏻
If you insist… order placed 👍
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