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trust no one. know the blocks.
share blockhead and generate bitcoin with reference codes.
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Building a stable coin alternative for LB payments.
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Smart Contract 1
solidity + solana pay + chainlink smart contract

1. Create a detailed technical specification for the work below.

2. Using Solidity, Solana Pay, Solana Blockchain:

Write a smart contract that upon instructions from oracle:
- generates a new address and
- a unique identifier (b) linking to a Transaction
- sends payments as specified

Using Chainlink
and as a data source create an oracle
order details
unique identifier (a)
default send to address
current send to address
default send to date
current send to date
send now
It's possible to code Solana contracts with Solidity??
in solang but that's not a show stopper, pretty much dev's choice, thanks
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solana dialect messaging
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solidity + solana pay + chainlink smart contract (5,800 + bonus)
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Alternate Cryptocurrency 20/11/23
thanks, yes we are solving this problem with usd stable coins on the solana blockchain. the community can help by letting developers know of the opp…
{lb help}
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Is LB gonna help?
we are building an alternative payment processor according to the requirements declared by little biggy. we are …
Sellers: would real time comms make your lives better?
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Smart Contract 1
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