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“I know of no better life purpose than to perish in attempting the great and the impossible. The fact that something seems impossible should not be a reason to not pursue it. That’s exactly what makes it worth pursuing. Where would the courage and greatness be if success was certain and there was no risk. The only true failure is shrinking away from life’s challenges.”

― Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche
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Cannabis online; what does €30 buy on littlebiggy?
Alternative video link;

Item link;

Thanks for watching!

If you have a recommendation of any products you'd like me to review, please comment below.
would love to see the carts put to a test
Thanks for the idea pal.

I'm definitely sizing up some edible and cart reviews/comparisons in future. May take a while to get round to it but I will keep you posted my man.
I was all set up to do a ‘Battle Of The Carts’ as it was billed…and then I got Covid…and then a whole lot of ‘suspect’ carts started arriving and I thought “I might need to do less carts”! 🥹
Would definitely be interesting to compare lb vendors carts, maybe get a couple *real* dispensary ones to compare them to. Expect nothing but an honest interpretation.

I'm plotting already you see...
Go for it buddy👍
by  Budzinho
Cannabis online; what does €30 buy on littlebiggy? PT2
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Guava Cake video review
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Bulldog's MAC (By Anesia Seeds) Now Available From Wednesday 31st May.
No problem I completely respect it and cheers pal. For you to only sell 4 weeks a year is impressive considering how many times I see your name menti… + 4 more
Leon - Apex smoke report
Great review Apex! Combinations don't get much better than a brew and a spliff ;)
MAC1 X Sugar Cane - Review
Great review mate. I agree it's hard not to smoke all the product before taking pictures lol
Donkey Butter video review
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