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Canna Candy Co
joined may 2023
Here at The Canna Candy Co. we specialize in making top quality cannabis infused edibles using high quality RSO oil and distillate. All our products are made in the UK.
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Canna Candy Co
New Vendor
Hi everyone. First time using LB. We make a variety of edibles. Chocolate, gummies and chewits. Come say hello. Bulk orders but will do small amounts also.
Good luck guys…Budtella is very tempting! 😍
Best wishes
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Spread the budtella ❤️
Canna Candy Co
Thank you friend 🙏🏻
What is the thc % per jar and is there a recommended amount to use?

Obviously depends on tolerance but you probably don't want to do too much first time.
Canna Candy Co
Hi Dashing. Sorry I should really have this info in the here 🤦. The jars are roughly 80-100mg per jar with about 75g of chocolate. The oil hasn't been lab tested so hard to say the exact mg.

Yeah I'd play it by ear and see how you go. Try 1/3 of a jar at first if your tolerance is low. A full jar of this gets me wasted and I've a good tolerance. They are pretty strong.
Looking forward to seeing your listings!
The Gentlemen Dealers
Welcome and good luck 🤗
i second this ^^
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