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Humidity Packs?
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I have NEVER been treated like this...
How very dare you…. I saw the title of this topic and went and made some fresh popcorn. What is this nicey nicey stuff, where is the drama?! On a ser…
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Review Percentage
Saw somebody else have a similar issue. Apparently it doesn’t negatively affect you in any way in terms of disputes etc, just annoying for OCD
New vape
What do you mean by it not lasting very long? I thought the Mighty has 2 yr warranty and the Mighty+ has 3? I had the volcano digit for 5 years and i… + 3 more
Nitrous oxide to become class C substance in UK
Doesn’t stop the piss/vomit/skunk strains becoming popular 🙄I doubt a bit of Dutch oven lovin’ will put them off 😂😂
New co2 extracted cannabis derived terpenes
I noticed you’ve reduced price of the Trainwrecks vape, is this also affected by this issue or have these just been reduced to clear? Noticed there’s…
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algorithmic settlement based upon reputation will occur
That’s weird, they were never talkative with me just a few words “sorry sir! followed by “postcode pls sir”! Not sure if they’ve got House-elves wor… + 2 more
Can’t pick between tiny might 2 and mighty plus
If only I got the TM2, no longer would I be the receiver of jibes… “aawww is that the new vapemaster3000 aye pal?” 😂 the mighty does look a bit dated…
Is my cart fucked, or salvageable?
When looking into buying my own empty carts I saw many bad reviews about carts being doa or burning up before halfway through. When filling my own I’l… + 2 more
Buy one get one free *pay it forward*
This is an old topic but there’s a BOGOF deal ongoing if u check 2 topics down!
Next up on the menu
Northern lights 👀 But whatever his fave is send it to hooping 👌
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another way to search
On chromium browsers Ctrl+F to “find on page”. On iPhone press the share button at bottom middle , scroll down and click Find on Page. Really useful t…
Disposable Vape
MrTreeStump, is that you?
on  Danielsg
Pax 2 Vs Pax 3 vape
The dosing caps are a godsend for reducing cleaning of the Mighty. Also helps reduce the tediousness of refilling the bowl, I’ll just do a few caps at… + 2 more
Stoner kid
Substitute for tobacco
I didn’t try it myself but heard marshmallow leaf is decent.