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Advice for arthritis
Hi, my dad is suffering pretty bad from osteoarthritis and going to be a while before he gets a knee replacement. Was thinking of trying to convince him to try a bit of herb for pain relief. Anyone know a good initial dose for a non user? Say just before bedtime. 3rd of a gram? Something like that? Thanks in advance
He used to be a pipe smoker so maybe a hash pipe is the way to go. Think biggest hurdle is psychological. He still thinks because weed is illegal in UK it must be bad or scary. He’s happy to take fuck knows how many painkillers though. Sure that doing much more harm than a bit of hash would.
Yeah it’s ironic- I found this site because I didn’t want to take the Big Pharma scrips I was given- and three years on still haven’t, much to the annoyance of my doctors!

That said, I think his head has to be in the right place for cannabis to be an effective pain reliever. If he doesn’t want to get high or like being high then I’m not sure it will work.

What I’ve done with a few friends (one who has arthritis) is start them on a CBD cart. It’s relaxing and distracts from pain but they don’t get high. It’s also cheap. If they want something stronger than move to a THC cart. There is also a device called a Tombstone (because of the shape- no other reason! 🫣😂) where you can put a CBD and THC cart side by side for a ‘full spectrum’ effect as it’s known. I use it virtually everyday when I’m out and about 👍). I’ve only had very positive feedback.

Good luck👍
Totally loving, Polly puff, that after three years, you are still big pharma-free because this site and its splendid wares 💛
I know huh! ❣️…LB is a life changing event for me!… the future with the pharma is uncertain of course, but hey- three years!! 🥳
Totally ditto gorge. Long may you prosper, big pharma free 💛🎉
If he smokes cigs, the joint was perfect for my old Nan 🥰

If not a smoker, then I’d lean towards RSO
I’d immediately say edibles. But make them yourself and taper up the dose. Start with next to nothing and increase it slightly each time.

Others might have a good way to accurately dose probably to the half milligram, or perhaps less.

There are lots of edible vendors on here who I’m positive will have some real insight into the right way to go about it.

CBD will also be a good place to start as well. But also some of the other variants.

Or just smoke a low grade, mild as hell joint, or even better, vape. And see if he gets on with it and if he thinks it’ll offer relief. You never know and you are never too old to have a go. 🤷‍♂️

The worst that’ll happen is that he’ll chuckle a lot for half an hour. You’ll chuckle a lot. And his mind will completely be taken off the pain.
Theirs a few old school tricks to help with. My great uncle had it bad in his hands. Their was 3 things he swore by.

1 he always had a bottle off poitín to rub on his hands in the morning.

2 he had his copper bracelet.

3 this one is about our their but he slept with a bag off cork stoppers under his matters.

Hope this helps.
It depends on method. Smoking?…vaping?…dabbing?…edibles?…RSO?….has he used any before?
Are you supposed to reply to the last post in the thread, or to.the original post?

So sorry you're dad is having that. I hope he sees some relief really soon. There is a company called British supplements that sell really excellent, really strong, clean supplements. They have a really hard time of it because people are coming off their big pharma from taking their stuff and they get grief.
Apparently their turmeric and collagen are really effective in treating arthritis. For people for whom all else has failed. They're not like normal supplements.

Sorry if that is like telling an insomniac to drink some hot milk and have a hot bath. Totally engaging. But I have heard loads about the efficacy of the turmeric in particular.
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