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Fighter of the nightman


Mimosa Evo (Keep it Green):
review -

Spritz (Keep it Green):
review -

Trop’i’cuz (Keep it Green)

Coco Milk (Keep it Green)

Orange Hill Special (Keep it Green)

Future Island (Druid's Magic)

High Mars (Druid's Magic)

Jealousy Dankness (Druid's Magic)

Epic Buzz (Druid's Magic)

Red Banana Pudding (Druid's Magic)

Future #1 (British Bulldog)

Greasi Lemons (The Hash Collective)

Brickscotti (The Hash Collective)

Zoap (The Hash Collective)

Lord Kush (smalls) (Sassy)

Eleven Roses (smalls) (Sassy)

Cookies (Your Natural Medicine)


Blue Nerdz (Pistach)

Gas Face (TGT)

Tropical Skittlez (TGT)

Mac n Jack (Urban Leaf Co.)
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