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Shake to Ireland
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Substitute for tobacco
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Fraud suspected
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Certain vendors won't load
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The long wait
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Some of the 10 out of 10 reviews on here is abit nuts just read a review there on shake said it had abit of hair and fluff in it but once you filtered it out it was fine, surely you can't give a perfect review if your weed has been contaminated
Hehe …you clearly haven’t seen all the ‘10/10 not tried yet’ reviews!- how is THAT score possible?!😵‍💫😜

Many Biggas are so grateful that their order actually turns up then that’s good enough for 10/10. That’s fine but as you suggest, it’s not very helpful to anyone else…
Part of the problem is the 10 point review system. Under this nothing under 8 is really considered good at all. This works for game reviews (and other similar things) as I'd instantly dismiss anything lower than this as the reason I'm reading reviews is to get an idea what to buy due to time or financial constraints.

The 100 point system as used by Robert Parker and others for wine reviews is equally skewed to the top, whereby anything under about 86 points isn't even worth looking at, and 100 point wines sell for exponential prices due to one man's taste. I have issues with Parker as he skewed an entire wine region's production methods to get 100 point scores, and I loved all fine Rhône production until his influence.

A 20 point score could give the potential for nuance for reviews that also didn't make vendors twitchy about low scores (so probably more 16/17-20 in reality). Lots of people genuinely just want weed though, and they're happy it came, and won't pay any attention to any changes to this anyway.

That one mentioned sounds a solid 8/10, if they don't mind pulling out the hair and fluff...

Looks like someone just had a drop from Hashishin, has now fully taken on board this advice of not reviewing before trying, and left one for the Paris Gold after doing so.
20/20 for insights but we all know exactly where this will go 😀
With Reference Code Support giving me a token bump?
Take a look down the other path

7/10 Review for a $100 3.5 with no comment🤓

We second/third those ‘Not tried yet’ reviews too. Stealth is important but I think what you bought is more🤦‍♂️

The points make a big difference to a 10/10 rep. It could be made a bit better
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Great competition thanks
Far too few vendors are selling to Ireland + 2 more