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Something Creamy...
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Pontiff return
Throw him a message, mate. His coms are quite good.
Orange/Citrus Flower recommendations pls
Canadian Imports had Orange Creamsicle, beautiful. Pure orange. Not sure if they've any left though. Hope you find what you're looking for.
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Fed up with Your Natural Medicine
I paid the extra $12 for special delivery last Wednesday, still not recieved anything. Maybe it's me and I've got the idea of 'special delivery' wrong… + 2 more
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Coinbase 'network fee'
Brutal mate. Had this happen to me tonight. Well over £10, near £15 in transaction fees. Only it was a custom order, it would have been cancelled 🙃.
The Royals Should Pay Slavery Reparations
Exactly this.
What do you want for your christmas stash?
Something special along the lines of the Brickscotti and Rhinestone 😋
New bud in stock! 🍏
Just ordered some of this. Sounds lethal 😋
pinned Vendors A-Z. Updated clickable list.
Best post I've seen on here. Fair play 👏