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Would you go on vacation to the moon to vistit this coffee shop ?
would buy some cheese and moon rocks ....420 peace
I'd quit way before it gets to the point of having to go off earth for a smoke.
It's nicer off Earth though, and you may well get more baked then too...?

Do you like old sci-fi? I've really felt like re-reading Mockingbird and The Space Merchants lately.
Having a nice setting always helps with a smoke, i take my doggo out on adventures with a smoke, recording vids as the little guy made me ambidextrous somewhat.
I can launch his ball all while recording him.
Get back home, creative juices running with the White strains (i've now a high suspision the White's are best for creative folks).
Ain't canna a wonder drug tho, admit it it's a miracle plant!
Go on Rux say it!๐Ÿ˜›โค๏ธ๐Ÿ‘Š
That sounds like a delightful use of time mate. It's undoubtedly a miracle plant. I'm currently very, very stoned from it in chocolate form. Looking forward to a joint when I get in! Over a week with no nicotine (and I didn't even use a single patch, and took a box...) so I'm going to have such a rush, and probably vom from it too.
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