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Private sales no crypto
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What are all the fees as a seller?
I'm curious as to what the seller fees actually are? It says anyone can sell on little biggy so if I listed an oz for the equivalent of Β£180 in dollars, realistically how much can I expect to actually make from that after any fees including crypto fees. If anyone can explain or send me to the page that really explains it in simple terms. And how does it work if you get a troll who completely lies and creates a dispute do you have a chance of losing money?
From the payment processor Transaxe settings tab;

other's referral token;
16 days hold
14.85% fee

your referral token;
7 days hold
5.85% fee

no referral token;
16 days hold
9.85% fee

+ Network Fees

You need to price the highest fee possible into your price essentially.

Β£180 - 14.85% = Β£153.27 (not accounting for network fees)

Dispute's are auto-settled using reputation data from both parties, you can read more about dispute's here;
Ah right πŸ€” this alone makes me think it wouldn't be worth it, I thought this would be a great place if I grabbed enough to flog but with those numbers I could make much more in person 😬 thanks for the help πŸ‘
Unless ur getting directly from the source, it’s like pissing against the wind.

Take me for instance small one man band not buying directly but going through a middle man. Now that’s pissing against the wind & not sustainable long term, plus the high risk to low reward & Btc swings some months I only break even.
I don't get it direct, but I get a decent price if enough, but with the fees and like you say, bitcoin up and down like a yoyo. I just don't think it's going to be worth my time.
And that's just on LBs side. There's another load of fees people don't consider outside of LB. Transfer fees for moving funds, mixing funds is an extra 2-6% when BTC fees are stable, more when they are high. paying for postage with crpyto incurs 10% - 20% price ontop of the original Royalmail prices. also got fees for selling crypto into fiat.

do you then have a registered business you put the money through? you will then be paying tax on top
Doesn't seem worth it unless you're a grower or managing to get oz's for about 100 each 😬
Thanks for the help πŸ‘
Only 2.30 fee today on a 170 odd order. Real good
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