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Strain recommendation wntd
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My Fellow Bigga's that may get the SAD's this time of year, what's the best strain you've tried for anxiety/depression?

I've had Jack Herer in the past that worked a treat, but can't find the original strain here, just hybrid's of it.

I'm currently smoking:
- Stardawg from Stardawg line ( in the day time then
- Biscotti (PISTACH - can't find link) in the evening

What do you use for SAD
I swear by anything indica and purple 😂

Purple Lemonade. Tropical Runtz, that sort of thing.

Sativas actually make me anxious. So Jack Herer is not a good one for me. Even though I do love it.
Gary Payton is one of the best strains Ive smoked for a daytime mood boost.
I would recommend the green avengers gypsy haze.
Yes. This. 👆

I have a bit of that in. For a haze it’s very light and has a lovely mellow finish. I’d recommend that one too. Didn’t tweak me out and make me anxious at all.

Mimosa tends to be another one like that too for me. The only one I’ve had from here was The Gents one. It was nice. Bit dry maybe.
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